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Sex - Male

DOB - 06/09/80

Seeking - Women

Race - African American & Lebanese

Religion - Roman Catholic

Convicted Of - Aggravated Battery with a Firearm

Release Date - 10/22/17

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I am the limit that you've always wanted to break.

I am the forbidden so many have warned you against yet fantasized about themselves. I may not capture reality artistically as I hoped but my words will leave you breathless, eager, and, quenched.

You have a right to me just as the rest of the world does. If they judge you, then they are jealous you came first and were the woman of women to receive ceaseless elation. Prison is unbearable tension and I want you to be my release, my fountain of paradise.

In the world of law, a charge carries a sentence; but in the art of correspondence, sentences carry a charge, an electricity that's unique as a fingerprint and can be as tangible as a caressing hand. I will transcend the apex of your desires and I will contradict the prejudiced against prisoners. We (prisoners) are people who have fallen from the graces of society yet most of us dream of a better life, a better self.

I will not trample upon your needs of security, honesty, and attention. I am someone you demand to be different from anyone that you've ever met, a man who has experienced the fire of heated passion to the coldness of the human heart.

We will discover together new folds of intimacy as we slowly and carefully move pass strangers into the warmth of familiarity, finding what makes the other hum, hoping to reach the fringes of friendship that only two people can command, using only ink and paper to create the blossom of a bond we both can admire at full bloom.

I am the embodiment of focus, experience, and thoughtfulness, bred from the mistakes of my past and evolving for the success of my future. Let's share our uniqueness and our thoughts with one another for we can ignite the most wondrous wonder of all the wonders of the world-us.

...or you could just buy a dog instead. Really though, write and be pleasantly surprised at me. My name is Stephen, and I will be pleased to meet you.

Stephen Sallamme # R-42256
2600 N Brinton Avenue
Dixon, IL 61021 USA

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