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Sex - Male

DOB - 07/11/78

Seeking - Women, Friends

Race - African American, Native American

Religion -

Convicted Of - 1st Degree Murder

Release Date - 2064

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This introduction will be my convass, my hope is for you to see me as clear as your reflection in an undisturbed pond.

As I attempt to paint a portrait of myself the colors I'll be using our honor, dignity, respect, and most of all loyalty. My passion and understanding side are the brightest tones, that will allow you to notice the humble and generous aspects about me, which will hopefully intrigue someone such as you. As I continued to stroke broad lines with bold colors possibly catching the attention of you, with a chance that someone will see this portrait as a mirror of themself.

I'm a work in progress. I welcome your insight on life. So tell me what type of person are you looking for? Are you open to new things? What type of movies and music do you like? Obviously were meant to cross paths. I am a proclaimed poet.

All alone in the world
So big yet so small
Unable to explain, but easy to interrupt
Step into the wonders of passion
Be engulfed into the emotion
That allows you to burst free LOL
From the madness of one's selflessness
To embrace the heart of the deep
Leap for the essence of life
To live, to live life on the side of
Joy for that thought shall never pass
Posted in the time of the mine
To stand still in motion
Beating in the heart, of the heart of
The believers of whose stay entrailed
In the circle of the world we live


I'll be looking forward to receiving a letter from you.

Willie McGee # R30201
Statesville Correctional Center
P O Box 112
Joliet, IL 60434 USA
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