Noel Vargas
Hey there beautiful, yes you, smile, because everyone is beautiful Ms. Special someone.

Well due to me being in prison I'm unable to introduce myself in the proper manner so allow me to take this golden opportunity and attempt to do all I can with the help of this company's website.

Anyhow before I forget let me say thank you for clicking onto this webpage of mine. It's very much appreciated so you know you have already made my day. Well as you know from my add my name is Noel. I was born in Frisco on 09-21-76 but raise in LA. I'm very single at this present moment and I'm looking for someone to gain a long-term friendship with. I'm a very loving and caring man, and really simple to please. So all it takes is a smile, letter, or picture to make my day.

I like all races of people so race for me is never a factor. I love all kinds of music and I do have children I always keep it real, so truth, love and respect remains with me at all times.

My favorite saying is "never look down on someone unless your helping them up." And my main dislike is playing with the mind and emotions. I love to draw and write poetry, and at times I can get a little naughty crazy but in a good way.

Well with this said you take care and may you write whoever your heart has chosen to write to.

A friend at all times.

P.S. All letters and pictures are welcome.
Noel Vargas # P-07288
P O Box 3456
Corcoran, CA 93212 USA
Women, Friends
Caucasian, HIspanic
1st Murder 2nd Robbery
Life without Parole
Ad Start: 03-09-16
Ad Expiration:03-09-18