Robert Barr
Hello world, 

Hello beautiful that being you as you've opened up to my page. Allow me the pleasure of holding your time and attention for us to possibly get better acquainted. I more so with you then you with me.

My name is Robert Barr although I prefer to be called (Bo). I am 46 years young, a passionate Pisces who is upfront, outspoken and clearly cut from a different cloth.

I am an interesting book that has to be opened up and read to get have a clear understanding of what is potentially there beyond the fold between the two covers.

I am locked up for a minor crime unit to be released 2018 summer and it ain't no question that I'd like to get involved in a relationship with a woman in search of the same fulfilling thing as myself in the long run, but hopefully we can become good friends turn that into something much more. :)

I am a city guy, Chicago, IL (chi-town) although I have been a few places and seen a few things. I am intrigued to see what it is that you are willing to open up and showed me as I am to do review by the same token and perhaps so much more. I have been locked down since 2015 and all I can say is at this point is, hello world allow me the pleasure to get to know you as you do with me and get to wherever we could not get before with anyone else.

I am open and excited to step into this new space in my life as hopefully you are as well.

The man in the box…
Robert  Barr # N91643
Lawrence Correctional Center
10940 Lawrence Road
Sumner, IL 62466 USA
African American
Attempted Theft
Release Date
Ad Start: 04-06-17
Ad Expiration:04-06-18