Shannon Flechler
Hello single ladies. 

I'll start with a couple of jokes:
Have you heard the slogan with the new inexpensive tampon?
"We may not be # 1 but were still up there!"

A man went into a gas station and asked for $2.00 in gas. The clerk farted and handed him a receipt.
Now if either of those jokes don't make you at least crack a smile, our senses of humor differ too much for any possibility of a romance between us.

I'm Shannon, going on 32 years old and to put it plainly : simple smiling type of guy:. I've had a rough life and I'm looking to settle down once and for all.I don't want any money and I'm not looking for a "sugar momma for when I get out. I'm looking for that special woman to spend the rest of my life with. I'm looking for a gal I can give all my lovin. And it would be nice to be truly loved in return.

I'm a good man at heart. I have had my share of rebellious days but I'm ready to have a life. I love kids, so if you have them don't be afraid to write. But if your child's father's are violent trouble types just forget about getting me involved. I'm a drama free guy and I'm looking to stay out once I get out. I ain't got no more prison time in me. I'm too old for this crap.

I love all animals, art is awesome, and there is probably no type of music I don't enjoy. Though I detest violence so if it's "shoot 'em up" rap gang stuff I ain't with it.

I get out soon. February 2017. I am going to be in Illinois for parole for 1 year, but I can relocate if the relationship is made out of state.

Don't be afraid to take a chance. Because I'm not afraid to take a chance with you. If you're willing to spend the time getting to know each other by writing frequently over the next 4 months, then you're worth my time.

I'm not bashful, if you write me I'm probably going to reveal more than you asked to know. Likewise I want you to spill your guts to me. Tell me your life history. What you love, like, hate, and can't live without. What are you looking for, hoping to find, etc. Maybe we will be each other's long lost soul mate and this will be the time in life we were meant to meet. I firmly believe in fate and destiny and if you do too then definitely write and let's see where this goes.
My only request is that you send me a few recent pictures of yourself with your first letter to me. You've seen me, I want to see who I'm writing to.

Now get to writing and remember "seize the day" you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Waiting for you
Shannon Paul
Shannon Flechler # M50464
Menard Correctional Center
P O Box 1000
Menard, IL 62259 USA
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