Darius Elam
Hey how's everyone doing. 

My name is Darius Elam but everyone calls me Darro. As of now I'm not dating anyone plus I don't have any kids no baby mama dram.

I hope my time don't affect my chances with anyone interested. I have 2 years and 8 months left. I made poor choices when I was younger but I'm working on it hoping to meet someone special to help keep me in check. LOL. Now I'm not trying to swindle or get anything out of anyone but a friendship that will one day blossom into something beautiful. Okay now if anyone is in it and do decide to take a chance with me all I ask is that you be real with me. No lies because I don't want to build a relationship off lies. I'm grown and I'm past that stage of my life keep it real with me and I promise I will keep it real in return (pinky swear) LOL.

I'm an outgoing person. I love to travel. I'm a good listener yes, ladies I do pay attention. And even though I'm young I do give good advice. Young person with an old soul. LOL. As of right now I've really been working on myself as a person also as a man just trying to figure out where I belong in this corrupted world. I am in school and working. I'm majoring in business and real estate.

Yeah, so if any woman out there is interested hit me up.

Peace & love

Darius Elam # M31799
Danville Correctional Center
3820 E Main Street
Danville, IL 61834  USA
African American
Aggravated Battery with Firearm
Release Date
Ad Start: 12-01-16
Ad Expiration:12-01-17