Tiron Washington
My name is  Tiron (Tuh-run)! I'm 6'2", 198 pds., All muscle, brown eyes, tattoos.

I'm currently seeking friends that I can build a friendship/relationship with while I'm incarcerated, that will continue to transform into something special once I get out. They say nothing is more valuable than a friendship, so even if I don't make a lot of friends I'll be cool with just a positive woman to help me get through this rough time in my life.

I'm an aspiring music artists. I have 1117 songs. A clothing line I'm designing. A book and movie I'm writing, and a finished liquor bottle design. I'm a dinner and movie type of guy, and I love to do all outdoor activities. My mind is open to almost anything in that area! I love kids, have never met one that didn't like me. I have a very supportive family that supports the career choices I'm pursuing in life. I love to live, laugh and love. I know that's an expression used on a lot of glass frames and stone art that could be home around your house, but it's true! It definitely describes my character!

A little hotheaded too, just to be completely honest. Nobody's perfect, but I try to be while learning from my mistakes in my past life, and present! Through experience, I've learned how to treat a woman. I have random conversation with guys about the good woman that's out there gettin their heart broke and how I can be more than just a Band-Aid for that special someone.

I would love to write more, but this will have to do, this barely scratches the surface of what type of man I am, and the bright future I have ahead, or we have ahead.

Tiron (Temporarily confined, wonting some of your time)
Tiron Washington # M06014
P O Box 999
Canton, IL 61520 USA
African American, Native American
Home Invasion/Injury Firearm
Release Date
Ad Start: 04-27-17
Ad Expiration:04-27-18