Lance Masse

I am incarcerated at SCI Rockvies. I'm using the time to strengthen my faith, spirit, mind, and body. Daily I look forward to drawling closer to God, working out, and continuing my educational pursuits.

I was raised in the bay area in California. I'm originally from Manhattan, New York. I moved back to New York City from Los Angeles in 1998 for business. After New York I moved to Las Vegas in 2003 for family, and then to Philadelphia & South Jersey in 2008. During that time I was working as a personal trainer director.

In 2008 I started my training company in Philadelphia, seen in Philadelphia Business Journal 2008. At the time of my incarceration, I was involved in a startup in Glendora, New Jersey. The location is secured in approximately 50% complete. My plans are to finish the project upon my release.
Currently I'm pursuing a Hononary Doctorate Degree in Biblical Studies. Spiritually I've never been stronger, and I praise God and the comfort for the Holy Spirit for that. God is blessing me to do ministry both inside and outside this facility. I pray daily for the Holy Spirit to bring people into my life to develop Godly relationships with them. I'm hoping and praying to be given an opportunity to build you up and encourage you in the loving wisdom of Christ Jesus.

I'm Italian, Russian, Portuguese and Greek. I have a teenage son in Las Vegas. I have family in California, New York, and South Jersey. It is now my hearts desire and life purpose to grow in the spiritual family of God. My case is in appeal and I'm hopeful to be home soon.

Recently God has placed a vision on my heart and empowered my spirit to discipline myself daily to strive towards that vision. My desire for the purpose of that vision is to bring glory to God and serve my Lord and Savior Christ Jesus. I'm motivated to develop a faith and fitness community. A community of God's people, spiritual brothers and sisters sewn together by the power of the Holy Spirit. I'm requesting all believers to bring this into prayer. To ask God to bless it for His purpose to serve His will.

I would feel blessed to be given an opportunity to get to know you. I can support you by encouraging you in your spiritual journey. Also, I can motivate you towards a healthy and strong body and teach you everything you need to know about diet, exercise, and rehabilitation.

I will share everything about myself and would enjoy learning about anything you would like to share with me. Let's agree to get to know each other in spirit and in truth. May God bless you, keep you, and use you to be a blessing to others today!

Lance Masse # LM-3897
P O Box A
Bellefonte, PA 16283 USA
Italian, Russian
Witness Intimadation, Tampering
Case on appeal  Min 2022
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