David "Jimmy" Gehret
Hello everyone :)

First I would like to take the time to thank you for choosing to read my ad. I'm extremely excited about this and I'm in such high hopes that I find a very special friend that I can share everything with, not just today but the rest of our lives.

I sometimes aim my sites a little too high, but I believe in loyalty a love so too high is never high enough.

My name is David but for some weird reason my friends all call me "Jimmy", I'll tell you the whole story later LOL. I'm 32 years old, with all my teeth and Hazel nut eyes. I'm really into meeting unique and different people. So if you're a little different or unique in some special way, I'm your man :)

I love all nationalities, black, white, brown, does not matter, size, age, handicap, nothings too much for ol Jimmy-Bo… Try me!! I want different, I want odd, I believe there is beauty in everything and if given the chance even the ugliest duck could be beautiful in the right man's eyes. If you seek you will surely find, so will you give me a chance??

I enjoy watching funny movies and I'm also guilty of being a snuggle bug LOL. I recently got my cosmetology license so yes ladies I do hair and nails too.

I was an aide in an anger management class too… I love foreign countries I would love to meet people from other countries too. I enjoy receiving long letters and lots of pictures. I'm always a gentleman in public but beast in the sheets :) So if you got a little freak in your blood, bring it on. LOL.

Well I hope to get the chance to meet you, please hurry.
David "Jimmy" Gehret # K-96362 
Menard Correctional Center
P O Box 1000
Menard  IL 62259 USA
Conspiracy, Aggravated Battery
Ad Start: 04-13-16
Ad Expiration:04-13-17