David "Jimmy" Gehret
Dear friends,

First of all thank you for choosing to read my ad, warning this is not your average boo hoo, I'm so miserable ad, I'm a very high spirit man with one heck of a good heart and passion for life, I do not judge, or discriminate under no circumstance.The sky is the only limit with me.

I'm a very open person who can conversate and connect with anyone, topics ranging from tadpoles to the Holocaust and anything between… I'm looking not for the perfect one, but the rite one. I'm seeking true friendship like some seek the Lord, "with pure deduction and devotion". I'm on a personal mission to find that pretty diamond that noone has taken the time to find, size, race, age, sex, none of that matters. I welcome all, the whole LGBTQ plus, is more than welcome to write me.

I'm eager to meet the ones others avoid, that "their gay or their a freak"stuff only builds character, well in my eyes :) I love to laugh, joke and learn new things, I want you to teach me!! I'll try anything once, maybe twice LOL.

I'm 33 years old, but a live wire at heart, I love music, mostly 90's rock and 90's alternative, Nirvana, Tool, Alice an Chains, are only a few of my fav's. I'm working on getting my cosmetology license right now, love making things beautiful! One of my passions… Like I said before, I'm the real McCoy, nothing fake here, so whatcha say? Can I get a moment of your time.I'll respond to every and all mail, don't think you don't stand a chance, because everyone does!! Just try me! You'll be surprised how kind and loving I really am…


P.S. Just think of all the opportunities you pass up in life, and later wish you had not, please don't let this be one of them… I'm like Uncle Sam "I want you"!!

Hope to hear from y'all soon!!
Will write overseas/other countries!

David "Jimmy" Gehret # K-96362 
Joliet Max Unit
P O Box 112
Joliet, IL 60434 USA
Conspiracy, Aggravated Battery
Ad Start: 06-01-17
Ad Expiration:06-01-18