James  Amadeo
Hello art fans!

My name is James Amadeo and I am the community outreach director for the creative arts program (C.A.P.), here at California State prison-Los Angeles County. The C.A.P. is a program that was created to give prisoners an artistic outlet for self expression, coupled with hands on taring in subjects ranging from basic sketching in figure drawing to advance color theory and oil painting. We also offer prisoner lessons in bead-work, crocheting, clay modeling and other types of cracking. Most importantly the C.A.P. was created to get back to the community through fundraising projects and auctions of the artwork donated by prisoners. Just last month we donated over $900 to the wounded warrior Project. C.A.P. creates a positive productive environment for prisoners who want to change their lives for the better and I am proud to be a member. Unfortunately our group is in limbo for lack of art supplies. In order to create art to sell at auctions and use that!
Art to raise money for charity we need your help. Any paints, brushes, canvas, panels, beads, yarn, art related books and magazine subscriptions or money to achieve our mission of giving back to the community by creating art. Please contact me if you can help us or if you can direct me towards anyone who can. Also please tell your friends about us!
James  Amadeo # K-67769
CSP_ Los Angeles County
P O Box 4610
Lancaster, CA 93539 USA
Serving a Life Sentence
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