Choeun Hun


Welcome to my personal website and thank you for clicking in! I guess I should start off by telling you a little bit about myself? My name is Choeun, and I'm seeking pen pals. I am single, and I have four younger sisters and one younger brother. I am a proud uncle to four beautiful nieces and one handsome nephew. My heroes and inspirations are my parents! My family are my rock and foundation, and they really mean the world to me.

I love to read, write and working out to pass the time in here. I like all kinds of books from fiction to nonfiction, romance, mystery,horror, thrillers, fantasy and etc. Some of my favorite movies and TV shows are The Choice, The Martian, the Bachelor, Salem, Scandal, America Got Talent, and all kinds of sports! I listen to all variety of music such as hip-hop, rock, R&B, rap, oldies, country, and so on and so forth! I'm also a very good listener and very open-minded to anything and anyone. When I call someone a friend, I really mean it! What I look for in a woman and a pen pal is simple. I am seeking for someone who is honest, caring, kind, understanding and has compassion towards others. Her age, color, size, and attributes are never important, cause I look at how pure and  beautiful a person's heart is, and that's what really matters!

If you are seeking and looking for an honest and caring man to maybe enjoy a lifetime friendship with? Someone that listens, and always honest and upfront? Someone that cares about you just the way you are, and appreciate you just the way you are? Then, I'm only a pen and paper away! Smileā€¦ I promise if you write me, I will write you back. Please feel free to ask any question. I'm like an open book, and all questions, thoughts, and insights are always welcome from me.

If you do decide to write me? Could you please tell me a little bit about yourself also please? Anything you're open and willing to share with me about your past and present would be appreciated! Thank you!!!

Well I'm going to end for now and I look forward to getting to know you and our correspondence! Once again, thank you for viewing my website and I really appreciate your time in giving me this opportunity. Take care and I hope you have a great day with a smile!!!

Choeun Hun # K10476
Pelican Bay State Prison B7-127
P O Box 7500
Cresent City, CA 95532 USA
Women, Friends
Serving a Life Sentence with Possibility of Parole 2022
Ad Start: 04/06/17
Ad Expiration:04/06/18