David Martin
Greetings and thanks for taking the time to read this.

On 3/18/10 I was sent to death row for a crime I didn't commit, because the police manipulated, lied, tricked & cheated. I have the proof of this, and I'll gladly share it with you as my objective is not to conceal anything about my case or myself, nor to con or scam anyone.

In the past 20 years, 28 Florida death row prisoner have been exonerated and released; no thanks to our state appointed attorneys, but thanks to law schools, churches and pen pals. My objective is to show my case to the world and hope for help with regaining my freedom.

The US Supreme Court has recently issued a ruling, which is causing a lot of Florida death cases to be overturned. Because of this, by 2018 I'll be off of death row, and instead of a sentence of life without parole (which is still a death sense, only a much longer and slower one), without a lawyer. Of course I don't want to go through that, but even more importantly, I don't want to put my mom through that. And I don't want to put my wife through that. They both do everything they can to help me, but I don't have a wealthy family. My mom visits me as often as she can bringing whatever money she can spare, to give me a good meal (the prison"Food"is terrible, and very unhealthy). Every time she is here, I see the pain in her eyes. I hate putting her through this. It's the same with my wife, although she lives in another country, so I don't get to see her often.

This US Supreme Court ruling has caused me, for the first time since my arrest, to truly be afraid of my future. When ya can't hire a real attorney, things like "proof"don't mean much. It means even less when you're already in prison. The fact is, unless I can find help, I'll be stuck in prison for the rest of my life. And that terrifies me.

I escape the hell of this place by listening to music (I like all genres, but my heart is made of metal!), Reading, writing letters, etc. I enjoy drawing, sports, the beach, animals, astronomy, laughing, anything science related, the list goes on. I'm very open-minded. Honesty is important to me. I'm constantly striving to better myself. I put my heart & soul into everything I do. I have tattoos & piercings.

I guess that's all. I'll be looking for word to your letter! A SASE isn't necessary, but it would help ease the burden on my family, who pays for my stamps. I cannot receive emails, nor can I receive letters or messages sent through this company. So if you write, please use my address. Otherwise I won't receive your letter.

I do hope to hear from you! Please take care, enjoy life, and always remember to smile :)
David Martin # J30258
Union Correctional Institution
P O Box 1000
Raiford, FL 32083  USA

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