Benji Jenkins
Well hello there, you…

I'm truly grateful for you stopping by to give my ad here, & my pictures a closer look. After all without risks there can be no rewards… Right? So, let's chat, shall we?

My name is Benji & I'm reaching out from this California State prison in search of that someone special… That kindred spirit… That somebody you can laugh freely with & not take everything that happens is life so seriously. One who can express themself (always(without filters or pretense. In other words someone down to earth & real.

If you are sincere, outgoing, & female… 21 years of age or older who is willing to keep an open mind & open heart in pursuit of an honest, meaningful, & hopefully a lifelong friendship with me from behind these walls? Then, please… Feel free to respond.

I'm 1/2 White& 1/2 Black. I'm 5'10" in height & I weigh 196 lbs. I exercise regularly to maintain a decent physique- Say Whaaaat??? "Magic Mike XXXL" status!?! Just joking! I'm blessed, but not "that" blessed.(LOL).

Let's see… So, I've got light brown (teddy bear) eyes that matches my caramel skin. I was born & bred in Los Angeles, Calif. But, at present, I'm located here in San Diego, serving a 26 year to life (3 strikes) sentence for resisting arrest & assault on a peace officer. However, I do have an ongoing appeal pending in the federal district court & am hopeful to have my entire conviction overturned, or at least be granted a significant sentence reduction. My fingers remain crossed.

For now, I'm eager to meet someone interested in spending some quality time getting to know each other… Sharing our stories, experiences, thoughts & ideas. Your race, weight, & background are unimportant, as I'm extremely easy-going & nonjudgmental. What is important though, is that you please be loyal, willing to step outside of your comfort zone to try new things,& motivated to invest the time & effort needed to write & grow as friends.

I have an insatiable desire to learn new things & to explore unchartered territory-be it, in the mental, physical, or spiritual aspect. Whenever possible I like to avoid  the "status quo"in hopes of having more unique & interesting life experiences. I'm drawn to things & people who inspire & exude originality.

I enjoy writing letters, reading (mostly nonfiction), listening to music-mainly R&B, Rap, & Rock. Music is my passion.

I've come from a difficult & challenging background filled with gang violence, incarceration, & criminal activity (a product of my prior ignorance & my environment). No doubt… I made my fair share of mistakes along the way. But those lessons learned, & the scars earned have all served to educate & better me as a person. I now value life, love, family, & friendships in ways I never thought possible. It also enables me to understand & relate to other people's struggles in life.

I firmly believe in never giving up or giving in to negative circumstances, & instead persevering & overcoming whatever obstacles or/hardships that might come our way. I strive daily to strengthen my mind & body & to better myself. Adversity just serves to build character.

So, if I've perhaps piqued your interest… Made you curious to know more… Or, struck a chord in your heart? Then, by all means… Bless me with your presence. I would love to meet you.

Thank you for your time & attention. I will look forward to your reply. All who write will receive a response. Take care& best wishes.

Benji Jenkins # H-44464
Donovan State Prison  C- 15 -228
P O Box 799003
San Diego, CA 92179  USA

African American, Caucasian
Felony Resisting Arrest
To Be Determined Serving a Life Sentence
Ad Start:  08-04-16
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