Santos Maldonado

Hey there!

Want 2 talk? Ever share ur heart n soul with a stranger, only 2 realize he's a long lost friend? Can U imagine life without people daring 2 take chances, break rules an Explorer the unknown? Like most women, do U desire passion, excitement, fulfillment and a little trouble 2 get into? U only live once, right? I wish we could have a face 2 face, U can pick the time and the place. I want U 2 feel comfortable n save as I buy U drinks n get 2 know U. I'm willing 2 bet that our common history causes a chain reaction, shooting sparks that catch on fire, 1 thing leads 2 another! You feel me? I just hope Smokey the Bear has patience 2 "bear" with us as we indulge in guilty pleasures!! I mean, what's life without a little risk n danger? All I ask is that U here me out first, get 2 know me,n please don't judge me. 9 times out of of 10, we'll become best friends, you'll learn 2 trust n confide in me.

I'm lonely, single, available, n sexually frustrated!! Hey, I'm only keeping it real with U! I'm grown n sexy, with an overflowing charisma and goodhearted intentions. With an infectious sense of humor that will eventually win U over. I JUDGE NOt! I won't ever hurt ur feelings, I'll accept who ever U are as U are n I'll embrace ur perfect imperfections. Don't let ur low self-esteem stop U from reaching out 2 me! I think you are special n unique in ur own ways! I won't reject U! I love 2 travel n I'm willing 2 relocate in my pursuit of love n happiness.

Thank U 4 having the heart 2 overlook my present circumstances n 4 your keen sensitivity n empathy towards my plight n suffering.

I lost my high school sweetheart n both my 3 n 5-year-old daughters in a painful tragedy !! I just wanted 2 share that with U, I hope U don't make fun of me about that? I'm looking 4 some1 2 love, some1 that's reliable n trustworthy, who knows how 2 keep it real? May God continue 2 overpopulate the world with down 2 earth n heaven sent angels like U! Look up Hebrews 13:3 and write me?

Like no other,
Santos Maldonado # H03286
Florida State Prison
P O Box 800
Raiford, FL 32083 USA
Women, Men, Friends, Donations, Legal Help
Hispanic, Mexican
Release Date
Ad Start: 05-25-17
Ad Expiration:05-25-18