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Sex - Male

DOB - 03/16/85

Seeking - Women

Race - Native American

Religion - Native American

Convicted Of - Murder 1st Degree

Release Date - N/A

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Hello there.

I sincerely hope that all is well in your direction and as you browse through these brief lines I hope they find you doing as good as possible.

Please allow me to introduce myself, my full name is Gary Bruce Lyons Jr. and I'm putting this intro together in hopes of making new friends and passing a little time getting to know each other.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I'm a young Native American stud and I was born and raised in the city of Banning, CA on the Morongonez. You could say I'm kinda like dynamite because I come in a little package at 5'5" but I do big things at the right time. (All I need is a light so hopefully I'm able to spark your interest). I have short black hair, light brown eyes and a pair of gorgeous dimples. I'm 200 pounds even, toned up in 30 years old.

My interest are as follows: I love to read and him fairly educated. I pass most of my time reading, working out, and watching a little TV. I'm a big fan of all music from oldies to alternative, country and speed metal. I love it all.

I'm very easy going and was blessed with a good heart. Even in my current situation I still find a way to love life. For the most part I can take the conversation in any direction that you may like we can go from this to that and from Mars and back. I'm down for whatever. If by chance you find me speechless that I'm willing to hear what you have to say on any subject. I have an open mind and will never judge

At the moment I have more time than one man can possibly do so I'm looking for a friend to help pass some of it by getting to know each other through letters, conversation and a few laughs. (I'm a laugh whore I'll say anything to make you smile) :) If given the chance I'll show you I'm a good guy and I'm willing to correspond with whoever. Age 18 to 80 any race except a foot race. I got little legs, sorry if that was corny but as I said I'll say anything to make you smile.

At the moment I find myself at a loss for words so I'll leave you here with best wishes and high hopes of hearing from you soon. I hope that something in this letter caught your eye and sparked your interest. Take care, all the best.


Gary Lyons # F94195
Corcoran State Prison 4A1Left # 59
P O Box 3476
Corcoran, CA 93212 USA

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