Jonathan Little
What's up? Sincerely, I hope these words find you with positive thought and positive emotion. The parents of all true positive action it's a pleasure to share a moment of your time:)...

So, "What am I doing here? What am I looking for??"… Honestly, I can just really use company right now and so I'm looking for a genuine female friend. That's the extent of it all. My message for you is simple: If you're looking for someone worth taking the chance to write… Someone worth taking the time to get to know?… A guy with qualities that you'll be able to connect with, relate to, and truly appreciate?..." I'm that guy."

Who am I? Integrity and trustworthy are a big part of who I am as a person. "Remaining true to you are"is a really big thing to me. Everything else is details! That being said, I'm the type person you can count to be who I say I am, and to do the things I say I'm going to do. Put simply? If you have my loyalty, you have my heart. You can count on me to be there for you if/when needed…

"The details??" I'm very open-minded, loving, thoughtful and honest; I'm very supportive-- I'm a giver. I'm a great listerner. I'm passionate about "all things life"and about being successful in the vast enterprise of life and living. I think big. I dream big…"I'm ambitious." I have an enormous capacity for belief, which makes me confident and secure , but I'm also a very genuine, humble, and lovable person. At the end of the day? "I'm a human being" :)!

I'm an electrician by trade-- I'm looking forward to a career in the construction and electrical fields once released. I speak, read, and write two languages-- English and Spanish. I love to learn new things as hard as this may be to believe :), I'm really not the type of person who enjoys rambling on about myself or my accomplishments. And I don't discount my own story, it's just that I'm much more interested stories of others lives-- mine is just one unique point of view, you know? And there are many, so "What about yours:)?"

In closing, the pictures and words here can do only but so much… It's one thing to be attracted to someone because of their looks or their way with words, but it's a another to genuinely bond with a person on an intellectual, emotional, and spiritual level. Maturity and sex appeal turn me on tremendously… If you feel that "you" could be that genuine female friend that I'm looking for here, let's make our introductions and let history take care of the rest? It was very pleasant to share this moment with you, sweet heart. I'm hoping for many more, now that we've broken the ice:) Take care until then.

Jonathan Little # EQ7825
P O Box 999-1120 Pike Street
Huntingdon, PA 16652 USA
African American
Pending Resentencing Hearing
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