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Thanagobal Karthik
Kanater Men Sigin
13621 Qulabia EGYPT

Wafaie Fikry Boulos (sudamese)
Wady El. Natrum 22911
Sign Leman 430 Sahraa`
Desert way Caire Alex Km 89
Building 3 Room 3
Behavia Egypt

My name is Dale Adesanya, 30 years old, I am African/Egyptian. I am a Christian by religion and single by marital status. I am an inmate in the prison listed below, serving an unjustified drug sentence, which was a frame-up charge by the cops.

I have around 3 - 5 years to my freedom. I was an undergraduate in on of the Egyptian Universities before I ran into this problem.

I am experiencing a sort of loneliness and desparation, meeting pen pals and corresponding would be a great relief to me. I will be very grateful to you and thank you in advance for writing.

I will stop here for now and hope to hear from you soon. My best wishes and regards to you and to everyone around you. Sincerely - Dale

Dale Adesanya
Kanater Men's Prison
Block 2 Room 4
PO Box 13621
El-Qalyobiya - Egypt

Mr. Nandana Sisira
Kanater Men's Prison
P.O. Box 13621
Qulubiya 13621 Egypt

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