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Sex - Male

DOB - 05/17/72

Seeking - Women

Race - Caucasian, Hispanic

Religion - Non-Denominational

Convicted Of - Homicide/Assault

Release Date - Serving a Life Sentence

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Hi there :)!!

Like anything new and exciting, I am always willing to take the time getting to really know a person, and in this case a woman, considering the fact that I am surrounded by men all day (wink), so, I hope to find through this ad a woman and a friendship that is bright enough to erase the clouds that seem to often hover over my days.

I enjoy listening just as much as I do talking, laughing, being playful, and personal/ intimate when personalities mesh so well. My days are spent engaged in my college studies, drawling, writing, reading, my music (all genres of music), and anything that is positive here with in these walls.

As an ex-gang member, I know the downside to getting caught up in such a lifestyle that steals so much goodness one's soul, therefore, I advocate making better decisions now as much as I do education.

My hobbies are numerous, and I guess say that my greatest passion has always been my artwork. Whether it's drawling things of softer nature, horror film characters, cultural deplictions, or strictly off-the-wall things that you can often get lost in while looking at :).

I am of course the type of guy that is very up front, open, honest, and full of life contrary to the circumstances. So, what I mean is that I do want a connection/friendship with a woman that makes me smile during the oddest times of the day for no apparent reason whatsoever, and gives me something so real that I am comfortable sharing my every thought with. In return, of course I too will show you that I am someone that carries all the good qualities that make someone smile just as much.

The greatest gift you can give to yourself and anyone, is the fact that you are 100% open and honest with them and not spending the time getting to know them strictly for personal gain, meaning that you are not being genuine & sincere with them and their heart.

Being in prison for all of three years, I have learned to stop and see things around me for their simplicity and still recognize the beauty & uniqueness of these/those things.

If you are willing to write to me, spend the time getting to know me, I promise you that I will always give you nothing but laughter and smiles throughout what ever journey our friendship takes us. That is what is most important to me.

Not that there may be hundreds of miles between us, fences between us lined with barbed wire, or concrete walls made to keep spirits from touching one another's lives, but, the fact that whatever obstacles they place on me, I still have found a friendship/s that are stronger than all this. I have so much more to share then what this ad/profile allows, so, I really hope to hear from someone very enteresting :)

Keith Erickson # E-74907
KVSP D-2-130 L
P O Box 5104
Delano, CA 93216 USA

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