Kevin Bell
"Please take this to heart because this is as real as it comes: Real ladies only need apply!"

My dear reader…
If you don't mind I wish to bring this profile of mines to the point.

My name is Kevin, I'm 52 years of age. "Right now unfortunately I'm doing time in prison for a lack of judgment made in the past I've acknowledged my wrong doings, but my faith is stronger than my mistakes and now within a year and a half I'll be coming home.

I'm thinking because of my freedom being so here a lot been on my mind, one thing I've been the desire of meeting a woman, a woman kind, soft spirited and loving.

I guess what would describe me the most is that I am a man of substantial virtue, God-fearing, romantic but also someone who's sincere about his obligations and commitments.

Dear reader,… I have written this profile in hopes to find a beautiful minded to exchange positive. Starting a new friendship with you would be a start of a new beginning for me.
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480 Alta Road  
San Diego, CA 92179 USA
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