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Sex - Male

DOB - 11/16/80

Seeking - Women

Race - African American

Religion -

Convicted Of - 1st Degree Murder

Release Date - 2018

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Ideally, I would like to meet a nice woman who's open to a deep and meaningful friendship.

I am scheduled to be released early 2018, but with expected good time as early as late next year (2017) so I need someone who's not afraid to whether this passing storm. If you think you can stand the rain… WRITE ME. But please don't mistake my interest. I'm looking for someone to be a little more than just a port in this passing storm, that wants to turn up and turn out with me. I have to admit, "yea, I'm a little rough around the edges like most men are, but so is bread into you peel the rim off that joint. "Ha. Ha.

But… I'm an honest man. I keep it on the real like Spielberg. Though I'm not into drinking or drugs, "which are overrated", I know how to have a good time.
I don't have any kids, am single, educated, open-minded, have many hobbies and interest and aren't afraid to discover new ones.

Let's be honest, the men out there profoundly lack the qualities, ambition, skill set, wit and heart that it takes to maintain a REAL WOMAN so they compensate by dragging you through your deepest insecurities to make themselves feel better… What they lack… I DON'T. I can hold you down like gorilla glue. (smile).

I know this isn't the ideal place to meet a person but nowadays, where is? There are bad people in good places and bad places that house good people.

Take a chance on me.

Wendell Basquine # B-81406
Jacksonville Correctional Center
2268 East Morton Avenue
Jacksonville, IL 62650 USA
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