Aunterrio Barney
Hello my potential blessing in disguise.

As you know my name in Aunterrio, my friends and family call me "Rio, I am one whose mental development is ahead of my physical desires. Standing 6 feet even, I know that it is wise to understand others before trying to beat understood. I am a native and Creole from Louisiana, by way of Chicago. It is a clear fact, to gain a friend, I must always remember to be one!

I am humble always delightful and laid-back, with the understanding that people may not always remember what I said or what I have done! But they will remember how I made them feel.

I love to read, fill, commit and work out. Also secure and protect, I like to laugh, relax and travel, I am hoping to build not destroy. To multiply joys and if needed divide sorrows. I also know due to trials and tribulations it can make you become reluctant. So I am willing to stand at the door, and knock  till you choose to let me in. I'll prove that I am beyond grateful for your friendship!

Where you will never have to be apologetic about your brilliance, and you can be untainted in your quest to discover what you're looking for, cause you are unique.

God bless and stay beautiful." I seek loyalty over ooks!"

Your friend,
Aunterrio Barney # B69227
Pontiac Correctional Center 
P O Box 99
Pontiac, IL 61764 USA
Women, Legal
African American
Release Date
Serving a Life Sent in But Appeal is in Effect
Ad Start: 12-29-16
Ad Expiration:12-29-17