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Sex - Male

DOB - 12/19/80

Seeking - Women

Race - African American

Religion - Christian

Convicted Of - Bank Robbery

Release Date - 12/11/18

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My name is Lonnie. I'm a 35 yr. old handsome dark chocolate man, at least I think of myself as being handsome! I'm 5" 7", 185 lbs., with dark brn, eyes & a infectious smile. I'm a Sagittarius, I don't have any children & not because I do not want any I just haven't been blessed yet! I'm a real genuine, kind hearted, humble person with a wonderful sense of humor. I'm honest, open minded, loyal, devoted & faithful but the most important quality I cherish The most about myself a lot of men my age lack is being truthful, not only with themselves but with others! I'm a firm believer in that if you tell someone a lie, you'll have to continue to tell lie on top of lie & remember each one just to keep that person believing in a false truth & that just isn't my character. For that reason alone I keep everything on the up & up. I'm very blunt, straight forward, & I don't have any hidden agendas!

I am looking for a real sincere, open minded woman who is strong & independent that can appreciate a man who has morals & values & qualities like I have. If you find this brief introduction of myself intriguing you & your curiosity is starting to build up inside you, do not hesitate in responding back because you just might find the very thing that sates your curiosity!

I also realize that this is not a very formal way for a man to introduce himself to a respectable woman & you also may be skeptical in responding back due to the stigma placed on men in prison that we are con artist, players, users for money & so on, But to be totally honest with you, that is true for some dudes because they are just womanizers in general, but not all! All I'm interested in is pure honest & genuine conversation & whatever else that may flourish between two like minded individuals.


Lonnie Smith # AP6769
P O Box 8101
San Luis Obispo, CA 93409 USA
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