Larry Humes
Will you step, or stop? !

May I share with you a tale of  (3) giants!?
A man stood, looking up in amazement as he saw all their approach, frozen in shock the first giant "stepped over"Him. (In apath-etic disregard).
The second giant tried to "step on"Him (In utter disrespect).
Yet the third giant ceased following his verticle equals.
Instead he "Stopped", knelt down and picked the little (R) man up. After speaking in his booming voice assuring the little (R) man he meant to bring no harm to him, he placed him on his shoulder in friendship. Together they journey and navigated paths through out the (se) lands. Remaining friends for all times. Seeing one another as equals. Sharing the giant unique perspective.

I believe Loyalty, Open-mindedness,Veracity, and Empathy f\bind people! In friendship and infinite possibilities!

I submit my first ever intro onto this website, in hopes of meeting the woman with this giants (Q's) = qualities!?

I am a man who is conscious of what kind of impression I make on a(ny) person's life, and only wish to make the best upon yours, in other words, I am not dishonest, or looking to play any game(s).

I hope to make your acquaintance(s).
I will answer any Q's if/when you write.

God bless.
Larry Humes
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