Leslie Bing
Hi! How are you?

To whoever finds interest reading the following  (thanks ).

It'll be great to have someone to relate with exchanging timely, positive, humane, thoughts and emotions sharing values and goals, etc.

I'm not ashamed to reveal my purpose is to keep the human being that's inside of me alive and well and to maintain mutually with you my own state of being proper balance (equal expression of the body, mind, and spirit) as best I can. Thereby relating and connecting with you. (From one human being to another.)

I'll write to you anywhere in the states and beyond and to anyone of any race, weight, size or shape, any culture, etc. Without your friendship I'm nothing in human value and empty spirit and purpose to be the best I can be as a human being and the person, to mutually touching lives together with you in rewarding ways.

With your friendship I'm whole & balance as the true human being the person I need to be for my own human survivor. I have purpose, filament and the building blocks of humanity and my needed life, (to share with you thanks.)

I love reading and writing poetry mostly inspirational. I haven't traveled much but once I'm free April 30th 2020 I'll do so! I'm an Afro-American man, born March 28th, 1955, height 5'11", weight 170 pounds, brown eyes and salt-and-pepper hair with beard. I'm lonely, single and longing for your letters and friendships!

Leslie Bing # AJ1221
175 Progress Drive
Waynesburg, PA 15370 USA
Women, Friends
African American
Assault by Prisoner
Release Date
Ad Start: 10-19-17
Ad Expiration:10-19-18