Alexander Contreras
"My Life and Mixtape" pt.1

"Your love is a one in a million, it goes
on and on, you give me a really good
Feeling all day long."
As a child raised in a large city, that
ideology blasted from most speaker boxes,
radios, and  headphones. Echoes of
Love painted a picture that had
a way of igniting passions, and yea
dat was good. But was it enough?
"Yo beep, beep, who's got the keys to the Jeep, broom." I rolled with it and hit drive! Picking up more "ology's" on the way. At 30 mph; cash rolled everything around me. At 50; Le gusta la gasotina. At 75; I like my beat down low.. At 100; Dale, Aaayo! Speeding on the highways of life my rideā€¦ Rolls over and over. Twenty five times total. I'm bloody lying in a wreak of twisted metal and broken glass. Glancing back at that great city in all its glory, finding myself on the outside looking in. Something happened. "Theirs a natural mystic flowing through the air, I tell no lie."
Truth met me in this moment and pulls me out. Wisdom carries me and heals my wounds. Understanding shows me the way. And after walking together for miles she leads close to whisper in my ear. It's the missing piece! Guess what it is? Hint: Love + Blank

"Getting to know you"

Wondering what runs through your mind when you smile?
Hearing and decipher the pitches in your voice?
Or tell me about the hills you've overcome?
And the ditches your glad are said and done?
Rainy days, what are they to you?
Exceptional scenes, what do you see ahead?
Underneath, it all, there's one? I'd like
? to erase.
_Alexander "Flies w/Eagles" 32
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