Fabian  Madueńa # AB 6202
HDSP  B3 #215 Low
P O Box 3030
Susanville, CA 96127 USA
Fabian  Madueńa

My name is Fabian. I'm a single deliciously handsome 29-year-old searching for that special someone to enter my heart who's 100% faithful/loyal. Let's develop that trustworthy bond and powerful connection.

I only come with good intentions, hoping to leave a good impression

I'm known to be: non-demanding, unselfish, ambitious, charismatic, fearless and goal oriented/romantic. I respect/appreciate a woman and I'll treat you unconditionally/like my equal!

I'm a character of: honesty, trust, determination, individuality, laughter and loyalty. I'm attentive and an excellent listener with a nice personality & GSOH.

I'm not perfect, but you live and you learn.

Scheduled for release in 2 years & I'm enrolled in college trying to pursue a business degree.
I love movies, music, sports and exercising plus lifting weights to maintain excellent health and to keep an OMG conspicuous sex appeal physique :). I have a huge ripped bulky chest, 16 inch biceps, traps, back muscles, nice triceps/abs.

All in all, I'm a serious faithful man seeking worldwide Pen Pals, and for a beautiful honest woman who's single, financially/emotionally secure. If you love to laugh, smile and express what's on your mind, I don't discriminate so don't hesitate or be shy to write. I would love to hear about your life, ideology, dreams/accomplishments.

I strongly assure you that you won't regret investing your time in getting to know me. I'm the one who will most fascinate you, make you smile with an effortless way and bring sunshine to light your day :)

I'm waiting for you to step into my life but most of all, my future!

Fabian Maduena
DUI Car Accident
Ad Start: 09-29-16
Ad Expiration:09-29-18