Christopher Isaac Young
Thank you for taking the time to read this and to see what I am about especially considering the circumstances. Well it's only obvious we're in the same boat, we're searching for someone who we can grow and bond with or something much more.
Someone special, a woman who is not only able to receive the depth and caliber of my heart, but one who has the heart and strength to reach out and embrace it as well.

With that being said my name is "Christopher Isaac Young", I am 6'3", 218 lbs. I am Samoan/Native, born here in the states but moved to Western Samoa at the age of 3 where I lived for about 10 years. I speak Samoan as well as English.

I have about 2 years left on my sentence. I am a tattoo artist as well as a songwriter, I also love writing poems, as well as a very aspiring businessman.

I'm very humble, I'm a man who is caring, open-minded, very understanding, confident, assertive, quite strong, and I'm a man who knows is at peace with himself… A man without regrets one who's incarceration has been a priceless experience, and opportunity of which without I could've never become the man I now am…

A man searching for someone whose substance about theirself, and has an open mind and completely willing to share herself with me, and willing to put in the necessary time and effort that's needed to build one of those once in a lifetime relationship with me. With that being said I have no preference as far as ethnicity, age and shape goes. All I ask is that you have a great heart as well as a loving soul. Just keep it real and take your time sharing yourself and getting to know me. Also keeping it in mind that no matter if we simply remain friends or it develops into something more, I can promise you won't regret it.

God Bless


Christopher Isaac Young  # AA4346
CSP-Sacramento-  A-4-113
P O Box 290066
Represa, CA 95671 USA
Samon, Native American
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