Meagan Craig
Hello, My name is Meagan, I am 5'5 145lbs dark hair with big brown eyes & a even bigger heart!

As you can see i have made some rather poor choices in my past, So I am using my time to reflect on them & learn from them as to not repet myself. Just a small setback for a major come back!

I am a big beliver in kindness, I like to inspire people, help build them up, it not only helps them but keeps me in the right mindset. I spend my days in routine here but still have time to do somethings I enjoy, like reading i read alot of suspense myster novels a coupe of my favorite writers are James Patterson and John Grishem. I also like keeping fit so i spend some tiem eachday at the gym making sure I stay healthy, felling good while looking good keeps me in good spirits!! I have alot of other intrests a varity of them, so just ask me.

Im looking for a positive, kind, intelligent person to get to know over this time. Im looking to bring positve people into my life. My new life that is looking bright if you want to share in it with me as a friend.

Meagan Craig # 99251
Topeka Correctional Facility
815 SE Rice Road
Topeka, KS 66607 USA
Men, Women, Friends
Driving While Suspended
Release Date
Ad Start: 03-09-17
Ad Expiration:03-09-18