Rolando Villarreal
Hello to all much love  & respect.

Just here posted of looking forward to meeting that one fine mamasita, willing to be my penpal.

I've been down since 2010 and have been lonely far too long. I'm single, 5' 41/2". I'm also bilingual, can read & write Spanish! I'm fun, size born February 13th so I'm a sweetheart. I'm into arts & craft, custom cars & music, not much of a sports fan, but do love to exercise to stay grounded & focused. I love to watch movies.

I'm from Texas! My a.k.a. is Thumper. I might not be able to offer you much from in here, what I do offer is my time to lend an ear and have a very nice conversation one on one to get to know each other's thoughts feelings. Who knows I might just paint or do something crafty as a friendship gift to show my appreciation to whomever is down to ride with me and help ease the struggles & pain I'm going through at this point in time of my life!

We all need a friend in life and hopefully you can help feel this void and emptiness in my life! To be honest I've never had a Facebook or nothing like that so this is new to me! So plz. excuse me if I sound corny or anything like that I'm just tired of being alone especially being locked up. So I'll look forward to a new start of your friendship.

Plz. feel free to ask me what ever's on your mind and I'll be more than glad to answer you back ASAP. Till then take care & God bless.

P.S. By the ways I don't do drugs, don't smoke, nor drink. I enjoy being sober and in my 5 senses.
Rolando Villarreal # 98152279
P O Box 26030
Beaumont, TX 77720 USA
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Felon in Possession of Firearm
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