Ricardo Lopez

Prison is a place of death, stagnation, misery, pain, loneliness and indeterminate lockdown.

If you were to take a walk on one of these depressing tiers, better known as the "Hole", you would hear endless disembodied voices screaming out, yelling in pain, anger and frustration, simply trying to tell someone, anyone how horrible it is in here. And in between the isolated confines of steel and stone are broken men, men who have lost their souls, spirits and minds. In fact prison is everything anyone has ever said about it and yet no one cares to make a change. I practically grew up in a maximum security prison, a place of depravity and despair, though not everybody here pose a security risk. But if you were to ask these hateful guards they'd probably tell you otherwise, just to try to justify the fact that they're keeping us warehoused like an artifact to a museum, simply on display whether we deserve it or not. And with time things change and usually for the worse. But what else can be done to a man who has been here since the age of 17 and who has absolutely nothing to lose. Deterioration is a normal occurrence in here so what hope would a 17-year-old child have! Pessimism and hopelessness permeate the minds and attitudes of the average prisoner in here. There's nothing much to look forward to, besides the next meal and maybe a letter in the mail if you're lucky. For so many of us in here, there is nothing to strive for, no aim, no goals, no hope, and no light at the end of ones tunnel so they just give up and eventually give in. There is no "Love"here, just the artificial love that you will find in the gang culture of prison life.

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Ricardo Lopez  # 92810 
HIgh Desert State Person
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Indian Springs, NV 89070 USA
Women, Men, Friends
Attempted Murder
2018 Pending on Appeals
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