Jackson  Mwangi

My name is Jackson  Mwangi. I am doing time in NHSP for men. I was sentenced to 40 years to life for 2nd degree murder. Which changed everything. I do have great remorse for my action. I have put everything in God hands because he is in control.

My family is still by my side. As for friend they are all gone. Except the friends I have in prison. I am looking for a female friend. Who is a beautiful woman with a good heart. I know that I have a long sentence. That is why I am only interested in friendship only. I do not want to tie up any female with a relationship. A good friendship is good for the heart. I can put a smile on her face. In return she can do the some for me.

My interest in life are many. Which some are DJ, sports, movies, music and reading. Reading the Bible has been good for my soul.

How I pass time in prison. I go to the chapel. When we have Christian or Messianic services. They help and motivate me in every day living. I also do have a job in the kitchen. Which kitchen worker eats better than the average inmate. I do exercise for good health.

Favorite music: hip-hop  2 Pac-Dear Mama
Reggae Gytian-Hold you
R&B Mariah Carey-Hero, J. Holiday-Suffocate Tyrese-Sweet Lady
Gospel- Shout to the Lord,in Christ  alone
Favorite Movies-Coming to America, The Notebook, Dear John, Ali, Resident Evil Series

Favorite Sport-football, basketball
Jackson  Mwangi # 88885
NHSP for Men
138 East Milan Road
Berlin, NH 03570  USA
African American
2nd° Murder
Release Date
Ad Start: 04-13-17
Ad Expiration:04-13-18