William Harris
Special greetings:

My name is William Harris, but I go by  "Trae". I'm tall, dark and American. I'm a youthful 40 ish-year-old male who is typically upbeat and dependable with a good heart. Like many people who've made poor choices, I made my fair share; but it doesn't define who I really am, but encourages and motivates me to share. I trust and believe in God. I'm usually open to most discussions that inspire honesty and dependability of friendship, or "other"possibilities! Who knows what the future holds except for God? I do not see-race, age, religion, or any other orientation as an obstacle; but an opportunity to experience you as an individual who has a name, face, and unique contribution to share. Quality of character doesn't develop on its own: nothing ventured, nothing gained!

What's your name? I'm attracted to and enjoy most experiences that create new challenges, with an emphasis on compatibility.
What are you like? Please explain. I'm generously liberal minded, so you may relax and be comfortable. In spite of my obvious intellect I'm a work in progress.

I enjoy: music, a creative mind, and potentially-you! Go on-smile!

Understandible: my loyalty is based on honestly. I'm normally receptive to most respondence. Yet, I find those who are authentic/genuine most gracious and attractive. And more exclusively I'm looking for a person of interest who's compatible with my expressed views and nature-and-who may experience catalysis! Must be pleasant natured, kindhearted, and financially appropriate. No games.

So relax-and if you're a person of interest, shift gears-and pull out of parking! I'm waiting on you!!! It is known that to keep a fire burning you must tend it, stoke it, and keep fueling it. It's that simple. I provided the essentials-with a spark! So let's get comfortable-and-become better acquainted.

You may correspond by: email (or) postal. I cannot return emails, so please include a mailing address. To send email/epics visit: Corrlinks.com. You'll discover all available service options and should be fine setting up account for those purposes.
William Harris  # 84785
Warm Springs Correctional Center
P O Box 7007
Carson City, NV 89702 USA
Women, Men, Friends, Donations
Human (American)
Christian (Observation)
2nd° Kidnapping, Assault with a Weapon
Release Date
Parole Eligibility 2024
Ad Start: 06-15-17
Ad Expiration:06-15-18