Wade Beals

My name is Wade Beals. I'm 39 years young, and incarcerated since 1996. From Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Currently serving time in Quebec. My sentence is 15 to life for second-degree murder. I was 19, got caught up in the street life, partying too hard one night, got into a fight that went too far. It's something I have to live with but that was the old me. It took me some years to shake that life, but I did.
I grew up in a loving Christian home. Great family that still supports me to this day. I have two beautiful daughters ages 20 and 22. I'm very close with. I'm 5'6", I love sports, history, movies, music. My favorite singer is Shania Twain (really). I love hip-hop but not too much of today's hip-hop. I like immortal technique and KRS-one because they have a real message. I'm kind of a romantic, I love the idea of being in love. I miss the little thing like, holdin hands, kissing, I contact, soft sublte touches.
I've made a lot of progress in the way I conduct myself worked my way from a maximum to medium to a minimum security prison. I go out on passes for volunteer work. For a year now I've been going out one "unescorted passes"which means I leave the prison two or three days by myself my family comes to Montréal to visit me. I believe this is my last year in prison. I've managed to stay positive through it all. Things are going pretty well for me right now, my focus is on getting out, and stay out! Finding a good job and a good woman with strong family values and settle down. See where life takes me. I'm a preacher's son, so I know how to treat a woman.
I like a woman who is somewhat athletic & humble. Looks aren't everything, I believe beauty starts from within. I like a good sense of humor, good personality, honesty, modesty in a strong well. These virtues I find very attractive in a woman. Of course I like physical beauty but it's not the most important.
I like to speak my mind (respectfully). I think communication and mutual respect are very important in any relationship. I think I'm a good listener, sometimes I'm a shoulder to cry on or guys who are having a hard time dealing with the pressure. I lean on God and my family moral support.
I believe in the purity of the relationship between a man and able. My parents have been married for almost 8 years. I think it's beautiful the way they keep each other grounded. Seeing that inspires me to one same. I would like to get to know someone who is looking for something along those lines. So, right back.
Wade Beals # 841935C
Montee St Francois
600 Montee St Francois
Laval, Quebec, Canada H7C 1S5
African American
2nd ° Murder
Serving a Life Sentence
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