Gregory Huntzberry

Thanks for taking time to check my profile. My name is Greg and here is a little about me and my background. I grew up on a small farm on the Mason Dixon line near Hagerstown, MD. I am definitely an animal lover having grown up with all sorts of horses, goats and peacocks as well as turkeys, dogs and cats. I love the mountains but also love the beach and the smell of salt air. I love to laugh and joke and I consider myself honest and humble man. I am also a hopeless romantic. I am a loyal friend but it takes a while for me to trust. I have made some mistakes and struggled with some things but my mind is sharp and my spirit is high.

As for why I'm incarcerated is not so simple but it boils down to I have 8 years for a home invasion. I can be out in 5 years. Nobody was hurt when it happened but that doesn't change the severity of what I did. It was stupid, hurtful and selfish and I'm paying for that but I'm also moving forward. My head is in the right place and I have a positive attitude.

I have a lot to offer to someone whether that's friendship or more. I had a good career and that's something I look forward to try and get back. The pics you see are from 2012 I was 42, I'm 45 now about the same in good shape maybe a few more wrinkles (LOL). I do not have any kids of my own it just never worked out for me but I love kids all the same.

I love to write I just need someone to write to. I hope you find time maybe can become friends see where it goes.

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Home Invasion
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