Quinten Donley
Truth, honestly I hold close to as trust can be achieved in strength if it is returned the same to perhaps, become something beautiful.

1999 got into a gunfight with police, paid a heavy price from what resulted, the road to recovery a long one yet driven to heal.

Though I prepare for the future as I can I live in the moment, inked and scarred, imperfect, I am who I am without regret

I look forward to putting new tires on my motorcycle and getting out on the road, a passion too long without, the sensory overload of that in itself helps keep in focus to do what it takes to maintain my freedom once gained and with a possible early release in 2020.

I am lean and hungry for good company, race not an issue for me within this volatile world we live in, good food, to sleep under an open sky again, an old jeep to find, time in the garage, hunting, fishing, preparing my own meals, perhaps with you, or for you in moments to bring a light smile, a look when words unneeded in knowing yes, no matter any curve life made may throw our way, were going to be all right.

Perhaps I'll hear from you.

P.S. 5'8", 165 lbs, I stay active.

Quinten Donley # 7525553
Oregon State Penitentiary
2605 State Street 
Salem, OR 97310 USA
Attempt Aggravated Murder
Release Date
03/13/23 with Possible 3/13/20
Ad Start: 02-15-18
Ad Expiration:02-15-19