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Sex - Male

DOB - 02/19/78

Seeking - Women, Friends, Legal Help

Race - Caucasian, Native American

Religion -

Convicted Of - Rape of Child 2

Release Date - 04/10/45

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I'm a native from the Puylallup tribe in Tacoma, Washington.

I just turned 38 on February 19. I'm 5'8", 190 pounds with a bald head. I'm not sure what else I can explain besides all that??

My likes and what I love to do on my free time. In prison on my free time I work on beadings. I also draw and bead my drawings. I'm free when I'm beading and when I'm plugged into my music, I'm lost in time. But when I'm doing my legal work on my appeal I'm in prison fighting for my life. I do have an attorney I'm looking for and I hope they just don't want my money like the last ones sorry, I'm just getting too deep into my case.

My life was my job at the Puyallup tribal cemetery. I love to work for my people and my time is always free to my elders. If I'm not working then I'm in my man cave working on all my toys. My toys I had was dirt bikes, go carts, 4 x 4's, and my love for cars. I had a 65 cutlass T-top Mustang and a Nissan 350 Z. When it all comes to camping, I go all out with my 35 foot RV. Ya, it may be old but it's the fun one everyone comes short story, I stripped the RV besides the bed and shag carpet the whole thing. I put a stereo system and Christmas lights with a strobe light to add more fun. I'd be sure that when I come, the club comes with. I'm all about fun.

I'm looking for someone to make me feel alive again. I need a friend I can call when I'm having one of them days we all don't want. Just someone to talk to about their day can make me free for the short call of 20 minutes. I will even pay for the phone call. I need the feeling of building some kind of trust or reason.

I'm an open book to you and whatever you want to know about me, I will tell you. My case, I will prove to you it's only accusations with no proof. It's hard to come here with this kind of charge and spend money when it may bring nothing at all.

I'm thankful that you are here reading my ad. My hopes go out to you that you find what we both are looking. If it's not me then I also hope that someone fits your needs here at Prison Pen Pals.

Remember that I am an open book. All you have to do is read and not judge this book by the cover. I can't hide anything or do I want to. I'd rather talk about it then not talk about it.

Thank you again and I hope to hear from you soon

With respect,

Harold George #747591
Coyote Ridge Correctional Center
P O Box 769
Connell, WA 99326 USA

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