Mark Perry

"How about it?"

My name is Mark Allen Perry. I'm 38 yrs. old and am from Claremont, NH.  Currently I'm serving a "3-6" years state prison sentence in Concord, NH and just recently I was relocated to the Northern correctional facility (NCF) in Berlin, NH. In November 2016 I was charged with one count of burglary and 2 counts of receiving stolen property. If all goes as planned I will be paroled in November 2019!

When I saw the ad for "Prison Pen Pals" I really didn't give it much thought at first. But after thinking about it I think it just may be exactly what I'm for. What I'm looking for is to get to know someone, not just to pass the time by writing letters, nor am I looking for financial support in any way. I'm anxious and interested in finding that one person that's meant for me! If you're still reading this maybe I got your attention just a little? Good keep reading! :)

To be honest it's hard to find the right words especially when I'm going into this blind and putting myself out there not knowing about you get a response? Either way when I walked into prison to start my  sentence, my old life was a thing of the past once the door to society shut behind me. That chapter in my life is "Closed". In November 2019 the same doors I just walked through will open again and I'll be given a clean plate with a fresh start and a clear mind.

My hopes are to find someone that's honest, trustworthy, confident and respectful. I respect all women and want to find that special someone that I can take my time with and truly get to know. I believe wholeheartedly that everyone has a soulmate out there sooner or later with the right effort you're gonna find that one special person. Every man has certain characteristics he loves and looks for. I'm a sucker for beautiful hands and a gorgeous smile. Who doesn't like a beautiful woman? But in my eyes a woman has to be equally beautiful inside as well. I want the whole package. Right now I would love to get some responses to my ad, getting some letters would be great. I could definitely use a smile on my face.

I definitely have a story to tell and I've got nothing to hide. I am an honest person and I expect the same in return. So if you're reading this and you like what I have to say, drop a letter and send me some pictures. Like I said, I'm putting myself out there not knowing what to expect back. I wanna believe that I made the right choice by choosing to do this. Only time will tell though. I hope that special someone reads this and says "what the H*ll'" who knows what can happen right? I'll be waiting patiently…
Mark Perry # 71548
Northern Correctional Facility
138 East Milan Road
Berlin, NH 03570 USA
Burglary Receiving Stolen Property
Ad Start: 09/28/17
Ad Expiration:09/28/18