Lesley Shillings
I thought about having this big caption saying: "I want you" like "Uncle Sam" but figure it hasn't worked out very well for him, so I'll just say hello!

Yeah, as you can already see I am a little silly. If you're into that or just getting to know an honest, real person… You found him.

I'm 6'3", 200 lbs. And 40 years young! Never married and no kids! I've always wanted both, just haven't settled yet.

To say a little about myself, I am a Christian. I am honest and a little reserved. I do laugh a lot and joke around but don't normally get close to people. When I do I am very protective.

Education and skill -wise, I have most of an associate degree in business administration complete and work welding, boiler mechanics, plumbing and A/C refrigeration. I enjoy to work with my hands, my hobbies I like to craft jewelry and create things using wood.

If I sound like someone you would like to get to know I am waiting to hear from you!
Lesley Shillings # 710692
Boyd Unit
200 Spur 113
Teague, TX 75860 USA
Women, Friends
Christian Baptist
Burglary of Building
Parole Eligible 09/05/16
Ad Start: 07-14-16
Ad Expiration:07-14-17