Anthony Quesinberry
Nobody's perfect. I'll never try. But. I promise I'm worth it if you just open your heart.

I need a friend. Someone to stand with me right to the end. If you want the best of me you have to see the good in me you get what you give. That's the simple truth. If you lend me your hand, I'll give you someone to hold on to. Regardless of relationship, I'd be there for you. Just as much and you'd be there for me. I don't want anything from you accept your time and honesty. And if something blossoms and two more I will fight a blessing. Let's seeā€¦

I'm 5'11", fit, work out daily, it makes me happy. I'm a dirty dork. I enjoy anime/manga, D&D books, art, cars, tattoos (I got 2 so far) animals (especially wolves), the study of the esoterie, Bible, occult, & Apocrypha. I have some taboo interests too. I just like nerd people & weird things to sum it up.

I'm learning to speak and write Russian at the moment. Teaching myself. Still a beginner. Also interested in French and Spanish. I'm ex-military, not a favorite subject. However, it's part of my identity. I'm told I look mad all the time so thus intimidating. But, I'm softhearted now. At least until I'm provoked.

What about yourself?
What do you like?
What's the most important thing person or even idea on earth to you?
I may not know you yet, but I'm curious about you. You can ask me anything you'd like. I'll be completely honest.

Well, can't wait to hear from you guys. I'm very down to earth and I think you'd like speaking with me.
Anthony Quesinberry # 69892380
FCI - Bastrop
P O Box 1010
Bstrop,TX 78602 USA
Women, Friends
Caucasian Hispanic
Possession of Child Pornography
Release Date
Ad Start: 04-12-18
Ad Expiration:04-12-19