Carey Littlewood-Aguilar
Hi, my name is Matthew, how are you doing today? 

I trust all is good with you, chilling and enjoying yourself but out there doing your thing. I'm just kicking back in here blessed during my time, keeping myself busy working out, reading and take some classes they offer here to help me get prepared for my upcoming release date. I'm really excited to get out and get my life back on track. I have a nice business plan I put together I'm looking forward to getting started on.

So tell me about yourself. Favorite food? I'm a brown and proud Mexicano, so I can't wait to sink my teeth into some good chicken tacos and steak burritos. There is a lil' fat kid hiding inside of somewhere so I'm really messed up about butter pecan ice cream, also.

Something most people don't know or realize about you? Me, believe it or not, I'm kind of a nerd. It's cold, though, because geeks are taking over the world now, anyway, besides, I'm a nerd with crazy mad swag.

Music? My own taste is a little eclectic. I listen to everything, rock, rap, R&B, club, country, whatever. But if you tied me down, tickled me with a feather and forced me to name a favorite band, I'd say the Foo Fighters. So that's a little about yours truly, hopefully it's intrigued you enough to send me a quick intro letter of your own.

For now I'm going to wrap this up like your favorite deli sandwich and wish you the best.

One thing in closing, please don't mention this ad in your first missive as it'll save me from the wrath of the diabolical mailroom lady.
Carey M Littlewood-Aguilar # 69851
Lansing Correctional Facility
P O Box 2
Lansing, KS 66043 USA
Caucasian, Hispanic, Native American
Release Date
Ad Start: 04-13-17
Ad Expiration:04-13-18