Adrian Gomez

A lonely  Cholo,
There's a type of Mexican most people never notice, so sit back and listen closely to the vato who wrote this.

I'm about to take you on a journey down reality lane, put you up on some game as I drag my ball and chain. Cholos; we're Mexican gangsters proud to the bone, we possess loyalty to the fullest most people never own. Pride, loyalty, honor, respect and that code of silence, our laws engraved in my heart that I'll defend to my grave even if it's been with violence. Were raised by our neighborhoods and educated by the streets, by the time I was a teen I had a long rap sheet. Police called me a criminal, a priest prayed for my soul.

To live as a down as Cholo were my only goals. I'd die before I stitch and I never cheat my friends, I swear I'll be true till the very end. My heart has been hardened by life and my eyes are as cold as ice. I accept with a laugh the way fate rolls my dice. So now that you read about me today looking like I'm in need, take the time to get to know me because real good cholos like me are a dying breed

I've always been good with words. So I wrote a poem about myself.

I'm 5 foot seven, weigh 175 lbs. And was born and raised in Colorado. I'm fluent in both English and Spanish. I have 2 daughters, one will be 15 and one 9 in 2016. I love art and I do some. I have tattoos as well. Tattoos, art or poems is a way I express myself and I'm very open-minded. So please feel free to write.

Always with respect.
Adrian Gomez # 676917 
Lawton Correctional Facility Unit 7
8607 SE Flowermound Road
Lawton, OK 73501 USA
Women, Friends
Hispanic Mexican
2nd° Murder
2033 MRD
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