Julius Greer
Hello Ladies! 

First and foremost, I would like for you all to know that I am open to all nationalities of women - because I truly do love, respect, and appreciate you all. And with that, I am currently interested in having a romantic relationship/friendship, and companionship with a woman who is: sound minded, rooted in principles, business oriented, and who seeks to truly get ahead in life. And I say that because I currently have a lot going for myself in terms of building my Brand [for instance, I have a book published named "Federal Criminal Law From The Inside" set to be released on Amazon Books, in both, soft cover paperback, and eBook forms. In addition, upon my release in August of 2019, I was offered a job as a legal assistant by a professional appellate attorney in Philadelphia of whom has been arguing criminal appeals to the Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit for over 20 years. And last, but not least, I am currently on pace to launch a brand new Modeling Agency aimed at women and men in Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey, and Delaware to start - once back home in Philly with the agency's name having already been copywritten and published].

And so, I seek a woman who has a very positive attitude, a woman who can keep me motivated to reach the full extent of my goals. I seek a woman who I can motivate to reach her full potential as well, a woman who is honest, thoughtful, kind, caring, confident, and understanding. And finally, a few of the things that I love and enjoy are: Music: Hip-hop, R&B and Pop. I love the Denver Broncos NFL team, the Philadelphia 76ers and San Antonio Spurs NBA teams. And I am automotively inclined. I also love to cook, and enjoy traveling. I enjoy discussing politics - and I am super loyal and honest. I am viewed by many as an intellectual. Now that's enough about me - how about you???
Julius Greer # 66514066
P O Box 900
Raybrook, NY 12977 USA

African American
Religion Christian
Armed Robbery
Ad Start:  03-22-18
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