Matthew  Viets


Well now, if you are reading this, something caught your eye, and even if you never write, let me thank you for being intrigued enough to linger the few moments you have. I once read a book entitled SWEET ST LOUIS and in this book was, to me, one of the best lines I have ever read. A man said to a woman: "A piece of me for a piece of you." Isn't that the basis of all relationships? Friends or lovers, pieces of ourselves, or pieces in return. This is what I offer, a piece of myself for a piece of you in return.

In reality it all comes down to trust. If you trust that the pieces I share with you are safe, will you trust be with pieces of yourself? You see, being incarcerated does little to instill this trust.

I can tell that I honestly regret the mistakes that I have made in my life, that my mistakes unlike some, were callous and harmful. I can tell you that I was only 17, but that is no excuse. I knew better. I can tell you that I have changed and that I have educated myself: two Associates degrees, two trades. I can tell you that I found a belief in God. That I am trying so hard to change a perception of me that was warranted for so many years. But, they are also many words, no matter how true that I believe them to be.

So, instead of all that, I asked for this opportunity to earn your trust and share pieces of myself with you in the hopes that you would feel comfortable enough to share pieces of yourself with me.

You see, although I have borne by other names in my life, my name is Matthew and I am worthy of your trust. I am an incarcerated man convicted of a violent crime who is so much more than society's definition of who I am. I cannot change my past no matter how hard I try or how that I wish to, but I have the ability and the desire to control my present and ensure a more positive and productive future.

So, a piece of me, for a piece of you. Will you trust me enough to take a chance?
Matthew  Viets # 655833  
Powledge Unit
1400 FM 3452
Palestine, TX 75803 USA
, Women, Friends
Aggravated Robbery
Parole Eligible 10/2017
Ad Start: 10-13-16
Ad Expiration:10-13-17