Shamere Reid
My name is Shamere Reid.

I'm currently serving a six with a three year sentence. I'm searching for a woman with a positive mind state, who will help give me the strength  to escape this redundant lifestyle.

At 23 years old, I've obtained certification and multiple trades. Upon my release next year, being that I have no children, I intend to create a new beginning for myself and I'm seeking a good female to create this beginning  with.

To woman that's older don't get the impression I'm immature because of my age. Being locked I see life very different now. I know what I want in life. I have short and long-term goals I want to accomplish. It's going to be hard so I would like some help. So I can get my stuff together.

Write me, tell me about yourself. What you want in a man or pen pal? What do you do on your down time. We can talk about anything. I'm all ears
Shamere Reid # 650355D/919818
215 Burlington Road South
Bridgeton, NJ 08302 USA
Women, Donations
African American
2nd ° Weapons Charge
Sometime Late 2017
Ad Start: 06-22-16
Ad Expiration:06-22-17