Walter P. Jones
Allow me a moment to introduce myself. 

I'm 38 years old, born March 31, 1978. Presently in prison for murder and serving life with the possibility of parole, but actually may never get out as I see in the language of Arkansas law.

I take complete responsibility for my actions and blame only myself. I am honest, a complete open book and believed life is too short to go any direction but forward. Any questions asked will receive my answer without your average runaround.

I feel I am different and maybe even unique in how I believe and approach life, over the course of 17 years of confinement I have redefined my emotional self and cultivated a new foundation based on fundamentals that has given me a new respect for life and unshakable principles.

My objective is to meet friends who are open minded and enjoy the written word. I seek the harmonic balance of a sincere friendship, that is not a quest to seek financial support. I have sacrificed to pay most of my own way through out life and do okay myself, money is not important to me.

I want to meet people who can forgive the stigma my past wrongs have given me and are open to long-term friendship without restraint.

If you feel you are a person accept me for my faults then write to me and experience a beautiful mind with a perspective you never imagined existed.

Your gender, race, nor Cree matter only yours here honesty.

Sneak peek-I am extremely poetic, have a paralegal degree, and am extremely active in all sports, my favorite pastime is reading any genre of book.

Sincerely yours,
Walter Phillip Jones Jr.
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Walter  P Jones # 610198
Cummins Unit
P O Box 500
Grady, AR 71644  USA
Women, Men, Friends
1st° Murder
Serving a Life Sentence
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