James Douglas Kelly
Are you happy?

Why not? I am and I'm locked up I would be really happy with some regular,, communication with society.

I'm looking to share some laughs, motivation positivity, kindness and words of encouragement. Being segregated from people has made me crave interaction with other human beings.

Prison can be a very negative environment. It's up to me. I can let it tear down and break me, or I can utilize my time in the resources available. To turn this from a "sentence" into a positive, productive, life-changing experience. By programming, taking class, reading, writing, working out I can be productive. I can get better and be better on a daily basis. It doesn't matter if we fall down, it matters what we do after that. The choice of how we respond. Life is about lifting one another up and leaning on each other. Not tearing each other down.

We don't know what we have until it's gone. Every day of life, love, family,, and sobriety are a blessing and a gift from God. So don't take them for granted.

Tell me or ask me anything. I've learned most people don't care what you tell them as long as it's the truth. A lot of people (especially women) are used to guys that lie, cheat and are abusive. I'm not a bad person I've just made a lot of bad choices (obviously). So what you got to lose? Worst case scenario you gain a lifelong, loyal friend. It doesn't matter who hurt you or break you down, what matters is who made you smile again? Why not let it be me?

Please email at Jpay.com or write me at the contact information posted.

James Douglas
James Douglas Kelly  # 59979
ISCC P-3-40-B
P O Box 70010
Boise, ID 83707 USA
Christian Non-Denomination
Aggravated Battery
Release Date
Early 11/01/17 Top Out 06/1/20
Ad Start: 01-12-17
Ad Expiration:01-12-18