James  Ramey
My name is James and I am looking forward to writing to someone. 

I'm respectful and open-minded. I like to laugh  & smile. As I'm sure you do as well. I'm certainly not stuck on myself.

I'm looking for serious friendships. Someone that doesn't mind standing up and saying James try this or that, and to show me a little life & freedom thru your eyes.

At this point I'm in a very place in my life within myself.

I know I am not writing the perfect ad but I know you'll enjoy writing to me. I know when to be quiet & listen cause your thoughts, opinions & feelings are important too.

I'll for sure be released in 2022 but I hope sooner.
My charge: murder. I'm not proud of a lot of choices I made in my life. My charge was due to protecting my sister.

Feel free to ask questions. My mother as well sister have both died of cancer.

I like country life. Nothing like walking outside early morning and see a deer or pretty ;o; rabbit looking at you. Growing a garden, having peace & prayer & good friendship.

These photos were taken in 2014 yet seems a lifetime ago. I'm 49, but look much younger. I worked at a sawmill in East, TX. & Worked as a cook on weekends at a restaurant.

Write me you'll enjoy it.
James Ramey # 587349
CT Terrell Unit
1300 FM 655
Rosharon, TX 77583 USA
Serious Friends
Release Date
Ad Start: 01-12-17
Ad Expiration:01-12-18