James Kreider

Hi everyone…

I'm James, I'm 35 years old, my purpose of signing up for this website is I am reaching out  & seeking someone honest, genuine, open-minded & who would love to spend some of their time (together) laughing & enjoying getting to know one another with the hopes that a great friendship may transpire!

Wow… Was that too much to ask, is anyone still there! LOL…(Just kidding)! Sincerely though it would be nice to meet someone who acquires some of the (above) qualities!

I'd like to start my introduction by telling (you) a little bit about my past & present in hopes of giving us a head start getting to know one another!
In opening despite the (stereotypes) that typically comes with my surroundings temporarily & (despite my looks/tattoos) I am not a thug! As you can see I love tattoos/artwork (LOL),& probably have more than my fair share.

I am (temporarily) here for aggravated DUI (drinking & driving).
A bad boy, huh? Yeah right!!! But… Seriously I can assure you lessons learned.

Okay… With all of that out of the way that me tell you a little bit about James. Prior to this hic-up, I was attending college in 2013 for (advance pipe welding) in Ontario, Oregon & one of their satellite branches in Idaho. During 2014 & 2015 I would work summers in North Dakota & winners in California in the gas/oilfield industry as a (Roustabout).

With that said I traveled (all over) for work& had little to no time for social life! Now that I have so much idle time on my hands I thought it would be a great time to reach out to (you)!

Some of my hobbies include: work, Ha! Yeah I went there! What? I like to work what can I say? (LOL).
Ok... Let's get back on track here, working out, tattooing, all sports, swimming, deep-sea fishing, moto-cross, customizing cars, collecting watches, hats & obviously I love to travel. I like (all) genres of music & love writing letters/emails/swapping photographs, & video messages.

At my facility (you) can write me at my physical address via (snail mail). LOL.
… Or…
We have tablets & Wi-Fi in our rooms & you can sign up at Jpay.com making corresponding via email 24/7 a breeze & convenient for (us).

I'm looking for someone who likes some of the same things as me.… Or… Someone who is complete opposite of me! (Meaning) I look forward to meeting anyone & everyone. I am respectful & will respond to all replies & (all) genders, ages 18+ & any races as friendships have (no) boundaries.

All my best,

To contact me via email go to Jpay.com & include following info:
Name: James Kreider
Inmate number: #56385
Location: Boise, ID.
James Kreider # 56385
P O Box 51
Boise, ID 83707 USA
Women, Men, Friends
Aggravated DUI
2023 Parole Eligible 06/24/18
Stop Your Making
Me Blush
   Lunch Break,
  Bakersfield, CA
   Chilling at Home
       In Bedroom!
   At Work, Oilfields
    Bakersfield, CA.
Tattoo Selfy!
    Boise, Idaho
Spring Break 2016
Chilling in Bed
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