Richard Cook
Welcome to my webpage! My name is Rich Cook. Please check out and read my entire page! I've got some EXCITING NEWS-READ ON!

I live for many things. Love, smiles, family, supportive and  Non-Judgemental/true friends, always willing to be slow to judge until they know all the facts, and incredibly patient and willing to advocate for my release! Compassion and forgiveness are great qualities in people, and are shared by many Christians, like myself, and people of various faiths all around the world!

I'm currently locked up for my first time, and have chosen to try and turn a negative into anything positive I can draw from it.

Here's what happened recently:
1. A cop in my case went to prison for tampering with/planting evidence in 2 other murder cases and I'm getting an evidentiary hearing! Pray for a good outcome! The two guys wrongfully arrested in the other case got over $5 million in a separate civil suit against him!

2. I'm starting the "Lifer's Club" at the TSCI. It's a club designed to bring long-term inmates together to work on positive and constructive change within the prison/judicial/legislative systems as they type policies dealing with an ever-growing prison population filled with lifers. We need community support and prayers!!

I enjoy meeting people and having a naturally curious mind. I also enjoy challenging myself and others in a quest to achieve excellence and happiness in our achievements, however small or large they are!

I have learned to be more self-aware since coming to prison, which allows me to be more open and understanding of others, as well as being sensitive to their needs, their differences, and their unique personality.

My interest? Music, art, writing, working out, sports, and studying the law are some of my current interests. On the outside, I did a lot of mountain biking, waterskiing and fishing!

I'd love to hear from you if you are sincere about pursuing both a great friendship and strong relationship. I'm looking for a woman who knows what she wants, is open and honest, has a good sense of humor, and wants to be in a serious relationship.

I have a four-year college degree in marketing, and am a  former prison legal aide. I am a positive realist, and dream of an ideal world where we all receive what we want, whether it be true love, a close family, wisdom, material possessions, or spiritual enlightenment.

Let's have a meeting of both mind and hearts! Embark on a new journey with me that will have ups and downs, good times and laughs along the way, as we face challenges together and dare to dream of a better world!

Remember, sometimes the most important parts of life occur when we slow down and pay attention to the details, take better care of each other, and seek out positive change, where others dare not challenge the status quo. Write or email me!
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