Gerald Steward
Yes… Time as well as opportunity has presented itself once to greet you by ways of correspondence.

As this letter arrives, it's my hope that in spite of your present circumstances that your physically healthy, emotionally stable, mentally at peace, spiritually conscious. The things I am imposing in this letter is both matters of who I am and can be the steppingstone that will dictate the course of our union.

I'm not sure of what you're or in a man, but I will impose to you my expectations and character so it will be crystal clear the nature of my intentions towards getting to know you and for wanting to "Possibly"be with you. I'm praying for someone who's new and different. I'm looking for a "friend"who is really charming, real, down-to-earth, and "Possible Wife". Someone who's willing to startle the butterflies in my stomach. Someone who can accelerate my better points. "A Partner" who can broaden my concept of relationships.

I'm in search of a delicate creative home I can pamper, appreciate and applaud. "Are you the individual"? I'm a true believer that every individual passes through "our" life for a reason, season, or a lifetime.

To whom is reading this, I really want to to see what category "we can possibly fall in" :)

I'm a young God-fearing brother, made a mistake in my. I'm 31 February 8, from New Orleans,"No kids", graduated high school, went to college, straightforward, never been in love before, never been in a true committed relationship things worth us consulting for hopefully.

"Three kinds of people in this world"
1. Those that make things happen.
2. Those that watch things happen
3. Those who are still wondering what happened?
Which one are you?

Gerald Steward # 550047
DCI Unit 3 Dorm 10
P O Box 788
Jackson, LA 70748 USA
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